The Voice Of Many Waters

We are all acquainted with many of the writings and voices of those who are trumpeting the Word of the Lord for this hour. Their ministries are a blessing, an encouragement and a light to our path. We are grateful for them.

On this page, I would like to post some that perhaps have not been as known but who are also anointed with a message for us today. The purpose of this page is to post them so that anyone who would like to get acquainted with their message can do so.

Eric Ellis - If you click on the link of his website, you will find studies in the Word with graphics that are extremely helpful to understanding the way of the Spirit. His link is

Tom Hobart can be reached for comments by email at or by phone at 330-440-5485 If no answer please leave message and he will return the call.

John Curtin is a brother in the Lord and fellow pilgrim on this journey. He writes short words as the Spirit speaks to him. He lives in Australia. Contact this brother by email:

The writings of the above and others can be found here.